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  • Made of Bamboo
  • Eco Friendly
  • Hand made 
  • Light weight - Lighter than other sunglasses
  • Water Resistant
  • Each piece is unique in texture
  • 100% Polarised 





Woodrush Black - Bamboo Wayfarers

  • Woodrush presents hand crafted sunglasses made of Bamboo. These sunglasses are eco-friendly with much less carbon footprint compared with normal sunglasses.  Each piece is carefully made by hand and is unique in texture. No piece will be same as the previous one. Lightweight, sturdy and effective, 'Blacks' are for the people who believe in less is more. Who believe in style but not extravagance. 


    About Bamboo:

    Bamboo is the fastest growing wood in the world. It is mostly used in China and Eastern Asia for various uses right from food for animals to furniture to make martial arts weapon.  Bamboo is the plant with the most utility. It is seen  that bamboo takes a lot of time to grow initially, but when it starts growing, there is no stopping to it. Light weight sturdy and effective. 

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Handcrafted from Nature