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WoodRush - Our Brand Story

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

WoodRush was conceptualised in early 2017s. The idea was inspired by responsibility towards nature and a keen eye for creativity in fashion. We wanted to merge fashion with nature in some or the other way and thus germinated idea of a Wooden Sunglasses company.

The Nature - ( The Wood)

There were many ideas but using wood as substitute for plastic trumped all the ideas. Sunglasses consumption is ever growing and using wood in case of plastic helps the cause of nature while providing a much required fresh air to sunglasses market currently.

To know more about why wood is considered an eco-friendly product : Click here

The Fashion - (The Rush)

At the other end of the spectrum, was the sunglasses demand market, filled with youngsters predominantly, who craved for uniqueness but had to settle with the Raybans, Oakleys and lot with same old frame materials and design, There was lack of creativity in the main stream sunglasses market. Though we were inspired by companies such as 'Gentle Monster' who are taking rules in their own hands. At WoodRush we follow the same notion of being creative and being unique.

And thus became WoodRush - Handmade Vintage Wooden Sunglasses

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