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Choose your Woodrush Sunglasses based on your Personality

We know people come in all shapes and colours. Each and everyone of our customers is different and has a different state. And we at woodrush have gone an extra mile to create products which resonates with your interests, personality and liking. Lets take a look which woodrush product is best for you based on your personality traits/

1. If you are Confident, Edgy and Outspoken

If you have are the person who is outspoken , extrovert and who is comfortable with his own skin , we have just an apt sunglasses which will suit best for you. : Woodrush Feline : These are the glasses with cat-eye frame made of pure rosewood. This will give you the edgy look which you deserve.

2. If you are a music lover

If you have a passion for music and if you think rock and jazz are much much better than what EDM and hip hop can be then we have just a right sunglasses for you. Introducing Jimi Hendrix inspired Woodrush Hendrix. These are the glasses which are made out of Rosewood - which is used to make guitars . Also they are styled basis the style of Jimi Hendrix's sunglasses in 1960s . This is a Woodrush tribute to Hendrix.

3. If you believe in everything timeless and prefer class over quantity.

If you are the person who always believes in timeless pieces . If you prefer class over quantity , substance over loudness and if you are a connoisseur of finest of things then we have two Jazz styled vintage glasses which will suit you perfectly. Presenting Woodrush Jazz and Woodrush Mafia. Both the products are made of pure walnut wood which gets better as it ages. It will give you a vintage feel for many years to come.

4. If you believe in pure fun and like to let it go. If you take the life the easy way...

If you are the person , who takes the life as it comes , who likes to have fun like it is his/her business, then we have a right product for your bubbly personality. Presenting Woodrush Beach, which brings out the creative, laid back you into the fore. Which complements your love for peace and fun alike and hell yeah it is trendy as nothing before. Made with Softwood and with color stripes, this is worth checking out., Presenting Woodrush Beach.

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